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Just trying out a different set of horns, and I think they fit much better than the other ones shown earlier :) These are actual dragon horns, from nuska’s excellent resource pack, which you can grab here.

luchafurel answered: You can trysome ‘gradient’ version, I mean colouring scale

Good idea, thanks :). Maybe a few complexions with different scale colours could work well, so people can choose between them.

19fxfty answered: Oh that’s a hard choice..Looks amazing both ways. If anything the horns should be an apparel so they can be off or on.

They are actually from an existing mod that adds a few equippable horns and other things. I don’t like them that much myself though. Or maybe a different shape would fit better.

Made a bit more progress today. I began working on the body texture, starting with the spine. Just as the face, this was created using the dragon textures as well. More details will get added soon :)

Opinions so far?

Continued working on the face texture today, I think it’s pretty much finished now. Currently the skin colour is roughly the same as the vanilla human/elven skin, I have not decided yet whether to change that or not.

Also trying out some horns, and I was wondering what you think you looks better: with horns, or without?

systemamoebae said: Gorgeous. I downloaded PO enb ages ago but never used it. Did you ever update it for the enbhost binaries? I’m tempted to take a stab at my own version, it’s gorgeous.

Still using the original version myself. However, I have been thinking about updating it. Unfortunately, I just have no idea where to start. All I had to do to create PO was making a few changes to Winterheart. But updating to the latest binaries is probably a lot more work.

le-gamin: Looks amazing.
longdeadstar: Now this is very interesting.
19fxfty: That looks incredible! I wish I had your skills, ha. I’m ANKGhost btw.
4br4c4d4vre: Personally I vote half covered.
djarfskald: Beautiful work! Totally looking forward to these guys.
luchafurel: I think it’s a kind of magic. Very cool as always :)

Thanks a lot for your feedback everyone, I am glad you like the result so far. Probably going to stick with the half covered face, as “4br4c4d4vre” suggested :). Today I haven’t made much progress, but here’s a few new pictures anyway.

PS. The eyes are from an older race and they will most likely get replaced with something else later.

So, as I said a few days ago it’s been a while since I worked on something new. I’m still unsure what to do with the light race, so I’m putting that one aside for now.

About a month ago I did receive a suggestion from “ANKGhost” over at the Nexus to create a dragon-like race or some other being with scales. So I’ve been messing around with this idea for a bit, using the vanilla dragon texture, and here is what I have so far. I have not decided yet whether or not to cover the whole face. What do you think about it so far?


sunbleached-jacket-deactivated2 said: Do you think you'd ever create an Ayleid race for Skyrim?

Hard to say, since I have no idea what they are supposed to look like :P for now I prefer creating my own races rather than lore friendly ones :)

tirablue said: will you be coming back to Skyrim anytime soon? I love your mods and look forward to all new releases. I do hope you get inspired again :)

Hello tirablue,

It’s been a long time since I created anything. A few weeks ago I had an exam which took quite a lot of time to prepare. After that I decided it was time to get back into modding. Unfortunately my first attempts haven’t been very satisfying, guess I’ll have to keep trying.

Still, I’m happy to know that you and other people are looking forward to my upcoming creations :)

kride46 said: Are you ever going to finish the Obscuuri race mod???

Hello kride46,

I cannot guarantee anything, but yes I plan to do so at some point. I am also thinking about creating an opposite, light oriented race and combining the two into one mod.

To anyone wondering where I have been in the past few months: I have been having a lack of inspiration and motivation, which is why I haven’t been working on anything or posted anything here for ages.

I plan to come back to modding within a week or two. Not sure yet if it will be Fallout or Skyrim, but I hope to have something worthy of showing very soon :)

hayllee said: Hello Xenius! First off, let me say that your mods are some of the best out there. As someone who has dabbled into modding, I have no idea how you have the patience to make what you make. I have a feeling this is on my end, but in case it is not I want to let you know. I cannot download XCE for Fallout 3/New Vegas. It will get to 70% and then stop, no matter how long I sit. My internet connection is okay. I'm sorry to bug you! :)

Hello hayllee,

Thanks, I’m happy to hear you have been enjoying my mods :)

Not sure why you are unable to download the mod, but I think it’s a good idea to have an alternate download location in case more people are experiencing the same issue.

I added a mirror to the download page, and as a bonus I also included the updated normal maps that were not released before :)

yaruosu said: Hi, can i ask you a few thing about your XCE for F:NV? Could you tell me, what body texture fut better for your mod? Or should i use default body? Or you probably create your own body texture?

Hello yaruosu, sure no problem :). The neck part of the skin textures is identical to the original ones. Which means any body should work fine with XCE. At the moment I do not have any plans to work on the body textures. However, I do have the required resources, so I might change my mind at some point :)

Experimenting with ZBrush - Part 3


This is the sculpt that I used for baking the normal map. As you can see, it is not that different from the previous one. I’m afraid I cannot do any better than that at this point.
The normal map was not very promising at first sight; the nose was useless for example. But I still decided to try it out, to see if it made any improvement. Probably used around 1/3 of it, mixed with the old normal map. Below you can see a comparison of the previous flattish normal map and the new one.


And finally, a comparison of vanilla and XCE in its current state.


Experimenting with ZBrush - Part 2

Continued working on the head mesh today. I increased the subdivision level, allowing me to sculpt some smaller details. Probably going to try baking a normal map soon :)